SBCHI Google Group

Our SBCHI email list is the primary avenue for communication for all SBCHI business, including announcements of meetings, events, and field trips that are offered to SBCHI participants.  Additionally, please use this list for field trip ideas, curriculum questions, haves or wants, giveaway items, or just about anything else that would benefit the group. Because all of the families on this SBCHI list are Christians who privately homeschool, this common bond allows a freedom to share openly and intimately about our faith and how this plays out in raising our families according to Biblical principles. The SBCHI Google Group is an open place for us to share and to build community.

We really have few rules, since we all know and trust that we are working under the same mission statement. That is one of the beauties of having this avenue for conversation. We do encourage everyone to respect the wishes of the author of an email as to the audience. Emails started in Homesteaders (on the SBCHI Google Groups) should stay within Homesteaders and each responder should hit “reply to all” rather than forwarding it or adding on another email group.  This will ensure the privacy of moms who may share more personal or spiritual things with Homesteader moms but would not want to share these things with people they don’t know.