SBCHI Position Paper on Clarification of Public and Private Homeschooling

(SBCHI requires that all homeschooled students be taught using the Homeschool Private Option outlined below.)

Educational Choices in Santa Barbara

Traditional Brick and Mortar Schools with full-time instruction:

  • Public Schools – government money with government oversight (including full-time charter schools, such as Adelante, Peabody, and SB Charter School)

  • Private Schools – tuition instead of government money, with limited or no government oversight

    • Secular (including Laguna Blanca, Montessori)

    • Faith-Based (including Providence, A SB Christian School; Coastline Christian School; St. Raphael; Bishop Diego)

Homeschooling with instruction taking place within the home:

  • Public Options – government money with government oversight 

    • Public Charter Schools, Independent Study Programs, Online Schools – HomeBased Partnership, Inspire, Trivium, Virtual Academy (K-12)

  • Participation in these public charter schools comes with restrictions from the CA Constitution and Education Code that clearly state that no direct or indirect sectarian [religious] instruction may be taught.

  • Charter schools and non-charter schools, as Public Independent Study Programs, must comply with CA Independent Study regulations.  They may teach about religion, but may not teach a sectarian curriculum (EC Section 47605(d)).  This would not allow the purchase of Christian curricula, which emphasize the biblical worldview, using government funds.

  • Private Options – no government money and no government oversight

    • Secular or Christian (some families are not connected to any group and privately educate at home without using any government money)

    • Christian (Santa Barbara Christian Homesteaders, Inc.) 

SBCHI is a Private Option that allows families to choose Christian curricula that reinforce biblical values.  Our mission statement states:

Santa Barbara Christian Homesteaders, Inc. (SBCHI) is a non-profit corporation whose
specific purpose is to support and encourage those who desire to privately educate
their children at home in accordance with Christian principles.

In order to stay within the scope of this Mission Statement, we have the following requirements for participation in our group:

  • The Primary teacher must be a professing Christian who will sign the Statement of Faith.

  • All homeschooled students in the family must be taught using the private option (see above); other students in the family may participate in other traditional brick and mortar public or private schools. 

We understand that it can be a struggle to make ends meet in Santa Barbara. We want to do whatever we can to help our families continue to privately educate their children at home.  We love to see families loaning curriculum to one another.  Some families have group classes and trade off with the teaching. The privilege to home educate our children without government intervention and in accordance with Christian principles is a freedom we want to hold onto and cherish.